AFNetworking 2.0

Last week the NY iOS Developer Meetup hosted Mattt Thompson who introduced AFNetworking 2.0.

Mattt walked through the latest version of his wildly popular and useful open source iOS networking library. If you’re not yet acquainted with Mattt, he is a developer and designer working at Heroku in San Francisco, and the creator of AFNetworking, Helios, the, and author of the popular NSHipster blog, along with a slew of other open source iOS projects.  He spoke at WWDC this year (rare as a non Apple employee) in the 2013 Frameworks Session 228 “Hidden Gems in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch” with Scott Stevenson where they ran through 30 tips in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

The slides for the AFNetworking 2.0 presentation are available at

I shot and edited the presentation which was filmed at The New York Times.