Adding Core Data

Working on updating my hackathon application for AppStore submission I wanted to do some Core Datafication on it: that is add Core Data to an existing project that did not have the Core Data shizzle in it before.  For the hackathon I used pLists to have initial data which is one step better than just hardcoding but not scalable.  I’ve added Core Data to so many apps by now but find myself always cheating off myself and going back to my notes such that I thought it was time I centralize the four easy steps needed.   Continue reading

New Radar

Today, for our CapStone we started continuous integration with Xcode 5 Bots. Upon writing my first test using two of the same singleton objects A & B to test equality with XCTAssertEqual(A, B, @”Equality”) the notification came in as “Test Failed.” How can this be? We are using boiler plate singleton code.  What is especially troubling is that in Xcode the test is showing green and indicating having passed.  What gives? I executed the test again and the notification came in “Test Succeeded.” Weird.  I tried it again and again and it fails here and there with no distinct pattern.

This was a Radar I thought and I posted:
XCTest Notification Shows Test Failed on Successful Testsrdar://15515678

My previous Radar has since been closed by Apple Developer Relations as a duplicate yet two weeks later Game Center is still not showing up as a search result at
Game Center Link Is Broken on Apple.comrdar://15417484 – Closed as duplicate of rdar://15417000

I also opened a feature request Radar for the issue I wrote about in yesterday’s blog entry entitled “Formatting Phone Numbers on an iPhone“:
Telephone Number Formattingrdar://15516158

Formatting Phone Numbers on an iPhone

With my Corporate Directory CapStone project I found myself needing to format a phone number in phone fields like cell phone, home phone, office phone, etc.  I was surprised to find this is not as easy on an iPhone as you may think.  Even though clearly Apple has this functionality in Contacts they have no Public API for phone formatting.  You may think what’s the big deal anyhow. Well, in the US you could have a leading 1 or not and you want to be consistent with area code segmentation and then there are international numbers.  I started looking on stackoverflow but thought there ought to be a better way than implementing my own NSFormatter. Continue reading

Fun With UIScrollView

Fun With UIScrollView

Tech Talk at the Flatiron School

Today, at Flatiron, I presented a Tech Talk that provided a tour of UIScrollView.  The UIScrollView class provides support for displaying content that is larger than the size of the application’s window. It enables users to scroll within that content by making swiping gestures, and to zoom in and back from portions of the content by making pinching gestures. On a phone, and even an iPad, this is crucial. Continue reading