Adding Core Data

Working on updating my hackathon application for AppStore submission I wanted to do some Core Datafication on it: that is add Core Data to an existing project that did not have the Core Data shizzle in it before.  For the hackathon I used pLists to have initial data which is one step better than just hardcoding but not scalable.  I’ve added Core Data to so many apps by now but find myself always cheating off myself and going back to my notes such that I thought it was time I centralize the four easy steps needed.   Continue reading

Flatiron Day 15: Refactor This

Today’s Morning Assessment was to implement a Custom TableView Cell from the screenshot of some Podcast App.  This seemed easy at first but took us into lunch.

Today for lunch we really struck out by going to Stone Street and picking a random Mexican Grill place.  I predict a return to Sophie’s tomorrow. Continue reading