Flatiron Day 15: Refactor This

Today’s Morning Assessment was to implement a Custom TableView Cell from the screenshot of some Podcast App.  This seemed easy at first but took us into lunch.

Today for lunch we really struck out by going to Stone Street and picking a random Mexican Grill place.  I predict a return to Sophie’s tomorrow. Continue reading

Kicking it with Auto Layout

OS X Lion introduced a new layout system for Cocoa, replacing the historical springs and struts model.  iOS 6 adopts this system.
Autolayout is a constraint-based layout engine that can handle an amazing variety of user interfaces.

Yesterday, I reviewed CS193p Lecture 8 and then took about 5 minutes to make my Card Playing View all nice in Autolayout.

Prof Hegarty isn’t kidding when he calls it whack-a-mole system since changing one constraint introduces another item to review in a chain of constraints. But it is a speedy way nonetheless to get something working for an iPhone 4 or 5 or iPad Retina or mini.

If you’d like further information on Auto Layout there are the following three great WWDC 2012 Sessions (that’s close to 3 hours of Auto Layout):

  • Session 202: Introduction to Auto Layout for iOS and OS X: Come on in, the water’s fine!
  • Session 228: Best Practices for Mastering Autolayout for OS X and iOS
  • Session 232: Autolayout By Example

Also, Ben Scheirman’s NSScreencast Episode #35, is a great, quick, 13 minute tour of Autolayout for subscribers.