Cool New Stuff in Swift 2

At WWDC 2015 we found out that Apple wasn’t kidding about Swift. Introduced just a year before at WWDC 2014 a year later it was difficult to find any Objective-C slides in any of the sessions and it was clear Apple doubled-down on Swift and it is the future of Apple software development. The cherry on top was Open Sourcing it.

If you have been following along then you know Swift and Xcode have been somewhat of a moving incremental target evolving from 1.0 to 1.1 to 1.2 and now 2.0 in just under a year. Because of these incremental bumps I thought I would highlight a checklist of seven magnificent things composed of what I think are some of the cool new things¬†you’ll find in your Swift 2 journeys as Swift enters year two. Continue reading