Flatiron Day 07: Core Data

What better way to start the day with the true breakfast of champions: Core Data.

Eating Core Data For Breakfast

Eating Core Data For Breakfast

Our morning assessment today was a Core Data mini-sprint.  After that we went into lecture on NSFetchResultController and its delegate.

We did this by continuing to add to Senari our running example app.  Then we got into NSSortDescriptor.  Then we broke for a working lunch to work on a lab using the AboutMe App.  We added, you guessed it, Core Data to the app.

After this we returned back to afternoon lecture to continue Core Data and discuss adding editing and deleting in Table Views and integrating with Core Data. We discussed predicates and moving rows in a Table View.

We then went back to lab work to enable adding people to the AboutMe App and storing them in Core Data.

Then off to Homework #2 which is due tonight which is to add Core Data to the OOPZoo App.

Yes, that’s a lot of Core Data for one day.

I should note that I had two celebrity sightings today:

  1. I spotted an unrecognizable hobo Keanu Reeves on our floor doing martial arts (actually I did not recognize him but others swear it was Neo himself),
  2. I spotted in the lobby none other than Emilio Delgado – that’s Luis from Sesame Street.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll see Morpheus and Elmo.


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