Flatiron Day 06: Review Session 1

Today we held our first Review Session and although only half the class showed up for this it was well worth it.

We reviewed the App Lifecycle by putting in NSLog() messages into different methods of the AppDelegate to see when they fired off.  We reviewed pointers by using a metaphor of rooms (the data) versus room numbers (the pointer to the data).  We emphasized the metaphor by watching a short entitled “Pointer Fun With Blinky.”

We then reviewed the following fundamental Foundation classes and collections:

  • NSString
  • NSArray
  • NSNumber
  • NSDictionary
  • NSSet

We emphasized using Modern Objective-C such as @12 for numbers and for NSDictionary:

NSDictionary *myDictionary = @{@"Joe" : @70, @"David" : @58};

myDictionary [@"Joe"];

We also covered NSSet which seemed super cool with syntax like the following:

NSSet *mySet = [NSSet setWithObjects: object1, object2, nil];

[mySet containsObject:object1];

Here you can check whether the set contains an object no matter how large the set grows to be it is scalable because each element is hashed.

After a five minute break we returned with an OOP Review of classes and inheritance with a Pokemon Sample App where we implemented a Pokemon base class and derived a Charazard class in order to override the base classes attack method.

Homework 2 was posted which is due Tuesday and is adding Core Data to the OOPZoo App we did this week.

Tomorrow and this week coming up we’ll get to work with the MapKit and the Camera which will involve on device deployments.

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