Somewhat of a palindrome day, but not quite, today is a day for beginnings.

I am taking the Winter 2013 Stanford CS193p iOS Development course on iTunes U with the legendary Paul A Hegarty (former VP of Engineering at NeXT, close associate to Steve Jobs, co-founder of ORM (Operating Resource Management) pioneer Ariba, and author of AppKit) in order to teach myself all the new iOS 6 SDK & Xcode updates such as (but not limited to):

  • Storyboards,
  • Autolayout,
  • NSAttributedString’s new methods,
  • UICollectionView,
  • Allocating arrays on the fly,
  • @property updates (goodbye synthesize – almost).

Today I’m starting Assignment #3: Graphical Set.

I’ll post the code to the following GitHub repo when I’m done (where I already have my first two assignments checked-in):

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