Updating my 11-inch Late 2010 MacBook Air

After two good months on my 15″ Retina MBP yesterday I thought it was a good time to take my 4GB / 120GB SSD based Intel Core 2 Duo Late 2010 11-inch MacBook Air and make it modern again.  This involved first mostly getting videos off of the SSD in order to get to 20GB free so as to then be able to download Mountain Lion and then install the latest Xcode.

The spring cleaning of offloading to a thumb drive took me from 16GB to eventually yielding 20GB free and then I started what amounted to a simple 2 hour (mostly unattended) update which started with a 4.44GB download of Mountain Lion (over Wifi and having the just recently released 10.8.3 – besting my rMBP).   After that was painlessly installed I was pleasantly surprised to now be in possession of a 27GB free SSD.  Magic!

Next Xcode.  Clocking in at a mere 1.65GB makes the days of 4GB+ Xcode look pathetically ancient.

After no time I was left with Xcode 4.6.1 (4H512) and a machine I had all but forgotten about.

Although my rMBP is the best machine I have ever owned I had forgotten how convenient and unthinkably thin and light this was and continues to be.  Now with the latest OS and Xcode I will happily be tugging this at conferences, meetings, and even in the house without compromises.

Coming up I’ll have to update my rMBP which is now one behind on both OS and Xcode.

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