Flatiron Day 02

Today, we started with a new ritual of a morning assessment.  The assessment was a git to-do to cement yesterday’s git actions and get them into our muscle memory. This was followed by an Auto Layout Lab which took us into the afternoon.

For lunch we discovered the capability to order from Chipotle’s from our iPhones since the line at the 2 Broadway Chipotle’s goes around the block. We’ll probably have 1,000 burritos from now till the end of this course.

After lunch Joe did a git walk through to show us branching and merge requesting.  Then we did the Programmer of the Day which is a segment where we discuss a famous programmer. Today, to make up for yesterday, we had a double dose: George Boole & Blaise Pascal.

In discussing Pascal (the man not the language) we discussed Pascal’s Triangle and then we each wrote an iOS App that outputs one based on any number of rows.

Al presented his factorial solution.  I used the naive solution of adding adjacent cells in my double NSArray.

After checking in our solutions into the class gitlab the remainder of the day was spent on continuing yesterday’s QuizMe App by adding an Answer View Controller and (you guessed it) setting up the Auto Layout for Portrait and Landscape on the nib by using the Visual Format Language which is difficult to debug and where you are on your own since Auto Correct abandons you.

I then went to the NY iOS Developer Meetup at Conde Nast to film Rob Blackwood and Raul Gutierrez of Tinybop as they spoke of their awesome app The Human Body and their awesome company making toys for tomorrow.

Rob Blackwood and Raul Gutierrez of Tinybop

Filming Rob Blackwood and Raul Gutierrez of Tinybop

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