Flatiron Day 09: Guy Walks Into A UITabBar

Today’s morning assessment was the same one I did yesterday twice – and yet on my third time I still forgot to set the UIImagePickerController Delegate to self until something wasn’t working.  I quickly remembered seeing the missing UIImageView and this reminded me of the Code Kata which comes from the Japanese word (型 ) describing detailed choreographed patterns of movements practiced either solo or in pairs.

The concept imagines how do you get to be a great musician? It helps to know the theory, and to understand the mechanics of the musical instrument. It helps to have talent. But ultimately, greatness comes from practicing; applying the theory over and over again, day after day, and using feedback to get better every time.  How do you get to be an All-Star Sports person? Whether fencing, football, or martial arts, obviously fitness and talent help. But the great athletes spend hours and hours every day, practicing. Practice makes perfect. This is what we are applying to software development with these practice sessions of constant repetition.

Today, we spoke of a new Git Workflow based on Joe’s experience reviewing and providing us feedback. We are going to start to use Milestones in the gitlab. The feedback was extremely helpful and part of the process of the Code Kata.

Morning Lecture moved into TableView Sections.  We worked off a new app called “LearningTableViewAndTabBar” to illustrate the new material as we quickly added sections and reviewed the different style of sections available: headers, footers, dynamic and static table cells.

After a quick break we dove right into UITabBarControllers.  We added one to the sample app and hooked up some ViewControllers to extend the app.

Back to Sophie’s for some Cuban lunch and then using the Prototype on Paper “POPApp” we saw a sneak peek of yesterday we had an hour design session in pairs to prototype the Course Project: the project we will enhance throughout the course leading us to the CapStone Project.  The GeoQuiz app is a  location-based Quiz App that will ask you questions based on your location if you enter a Quiz Zone.  Entering a Quiz one you receive a Notification and you can opt to take the Quiz.

After the four pairs presented their prototypes we went for the next three hours coding the app’s six core model classes of Location, User, Quiz, Card, Question, and Answer.

Tonight we have HW #3 due so we are off on that and tomorrow we start Core Location and MapKit.  The fun continues.

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