Flatiron Day 11: MapKit Annotations

Today’s morning assessment was more fun with MapKit, MKAnnotationViews, callOutAccessoryTapped and some UIAddressBook extra credit.  This took us the entire morning with our own work and then Joe going over the solution.

For lunch James found an awesome hole-in-the-wall joint called Luke’s Lobster where we had Maine lobster, crab, and shrimp rolls. Plus if we go there 9 more times we get a free lobster.  I’ll take that as a challenge.  A taste of Main was a welcome addition to the menu and a much needed break from the constant stream of beans from Sophie’s and Chipotle’s.

Afternoon Lab consisted of us updating a mapping program from off of GitHub that Joe found.  This was a great exercise in reading through someone else’s code, finding out how they do something, and then changing their software. Specifically, we changed a Charlotte Map App to New York and updated the Points of Interest to those in NY.  We made modifications to the UI and the UI flow while adapting to the author’s style.

And Friday means it was “Feeling Friday” where we share our feelings about our progress and state of mind as we conclude week two of ten.  Today, we went down to seven members as David made the difficult decision to defer yesterday.  I’ll miss his energy, intellect and humor but he needed to do what was right for him.

Starting Monday we are presenting our blog entries for the days we have been selected.  This is a great motivator to both blog and present.  Also, starting next week, on Tuesday at 7pm we are kicking off a Weekly NYC iOS Developer Meetup where each week one of us will present a talk.  Al volunteered to go first and with what I’ve seen of his side-project I can’t wait.

Two last items to note that Joe mentioned were:

  1. the PBS and American Experience documentary on The History of Silicon Valley which is available online at PBS.org.  I’ll watch this over the weekend.
  2. The second item was a Diabetes iPhone App called Diabetik which is Open Sourced at GitHub.  This looks like a well architected App worthy of reviewing.

Sunday is our Week In Review starting at noon which is a good opportunity to recap everything we’ve done this week.

2 thoughts on “Flatiron Day 11: MapKit Annotations

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