Flatiron Day 13: Local Notifications

Mondays seem like Tuesdays when you come in on Sundays.  We started Week 3 with a Morning Assessment with another MapKit App that takes what I call the driving Phil (since he is driving around Cupertino on the Freeway at 70+ MPHs) and drop pins behind him on the 280 with a special callout that shows his speed.

After this we went straight into a Quiz with five topics: Nav Controllers, TableViews, Objects, MapKit, and finally no quiz would be complete without Git.

Broadway Columbus Day Street Fair

Columbus Day Street Fair in the Financial District

After the quiz we stepped outside to see a huge Columbus Day Fair going up Broadway.  We grabbed some German Smoked Rostbratwurst on a bun served with sauerkraut.  We also got some free bags from YP but you had to install the app on your iPhone which Jay did hence taking one for the team.

After lunch we went into some Blog Presentations with Das & Basar presenting their blog entries.  These set the bar high for what a developer blog should be.

Then we dove into Afternoon Lecture which introduced two new topics for us: Local Notifications and NSUserDefaults.

First, we discussed UILocalNotifications and how an App has two ways to come on screen:

  1. Launch where it had not existed before and hence go through didFinishLaunchingWithOptions, and
  2. Becoming Active from the Background and hence go through applicationDidBecomeActive.

We discussed implementing didReceiveLocalNotification and how being judicious will save battery by implementing:
[locationManager startMonitoringSignificantChanges];

Then in the NSUserDefault portion of the lecture we discussed how this is extremely useful for saving Application Settings.

We did a Lab returning to LocationQuiz as Joe set-up Milestone #10 which moved us into GeoFencing as we added to the app the ability to send and receive Local Notifications when we come 200 meters to a Quiz region.

Tomorrow, we are going to look at customizing such controls as TableView Controls, Buttons, and changing the color of the Nav Bar.  In addition we have a scheduled guest lecturer.

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