Flatiron Day 17: Limited Not By Your Skills

Today, there was no Morning Assessment and we continued working on the Couch Potato Activity Tracker App Homework.  At the end of our third week we had another departure from the class bringing the total class size now down to six remaining members. This prompted a bit of a discussion on dealing with the pressure cooker approach we are taking.  We spend 8 hours a day for 10 weeks on just iOS which is intense.  At the end of this journey we will be four hundred hours better and a great way to  think about where we’ll be is that at the end we will not be limited by our skills but by our imagination.  We should strive not to be a little better (NALB) but to be a lot better in the software we make.

We went to grab lunch as Das’ family restaurant and when we returned we reviewed some of Joe’s best observed issues that have temporarily stumped him from our homework submissions and how best to handle / avoid.

After this we split into three teams of two to tackle taking a past app and refactoring it in order to add a feature.

I spent the next three hours refactoring a past assignment with my partner in order to add a single NSTimer line of code to CouchPotato.

On Sunday at 1pm we’ll have a Week Three in Review Session.

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