Flatiron Day 24: Review Session 4

Today we held our fourth Weekly Review Session and as usual this was extremely worth going through this code kata.

We started an empty review session App and set out with a goal to build an RSS Reader from scratch.  We first cranked out a Podfile in order to use the first CocoaPod we found when we searched for the term RSS: BlockRSSParser.

With 88 Stars and 31 forks this seemed like a decent implementation of an RSS Parser which used AFNetworking and Blocks so we could practice with Blocks. We used a TableViewController in order to view the RSS parse results items based on a given URL in a custom table view cell that we made.  In short order we had a working RSS Reader.  For good measure we added a second CocoaPod: SVProgressHUD.  We then used the Network Link Tool to simulate a slow network on our Macs in order to test the loading screen provided by this CocoaPod.

We then worked on our homework for the next two hours during Joe’s Office Hours.

Tomorrow, we start the final two weeks of lectures as we start Week 5.


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