iOS Tutor 1.1 Update

iOS Tutor 1.1 Update

iOS Tutor 1.1 Update

My iOS Tutor App has today received its first update bumping 1.0 to 1.1. Although, it has only been four days since 1.0 went live I did plan on a delayed launch of 1.0 in order to give me time to prepare as many lecture decks as I could for launch – plus add the four day Apple review time (which is actually quite fast) and you have a solid 1.1 that was building up.

The update fixes one bad line of code I had in my NSFetchedResultsChangeUpdate in my NSFetchedResultsControllerDelegate method which causes the lectures tableview to not update until you select a row and come back.  Not good so I fixed this.  I also took the opportunity to inject Crashlytics into the app in order to get any crash reporting. Checking for new decks is faster now that I check the master deck of decks version number and just skip checking the deck version numbers. Since this is a background thread its not faster for the user but I know its faster for the app.

Using AppViz has also been an incredible way to visualize sales. In the weekend launch iOS Tutor went into the Top 100 in Estonia and the Top 200 in South Africa and Croatia. Looks like iOS programming is a hot topic world-wide.

In fact, it has been featured in the Top 200 in Education in the following 30 territories:

Brunei (#175), Bulgaria (#176), Cambodia (#176), China (#177), Cyprus (#177), Czech Republic (#177), Estonia (#176), Greece (#177), Hong Kong (#172), Hungary (#180), Indonesia (#176), Japan (#186), Laos (#177), Latvia (#178), Lithuania (#181), Macau (#176), Malaysia (#176), Malta (#180), Philippines (#176), Poland (#177), Portugal (#180), Romania (#177), Singapore (#172), Slovakia (#177), Slovenia (#178), South Korea (#172), Sri Lanka (#176), Taiwan (#176), Thailand (#175), and Vietnam (#173).

I’ll need to get back to Lecture 4 and start rolling out more decks. I’ll publish those without needing an app update as designed.

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