Getting back up


We all hear about developing habits and sticking to a routine – but what happens when life breaks that habit. For the past month I fell off my routine and I’m not going to lie — getting back up has been difficult.I was plugging away for 44 days and then suddenly a massive project came in at work. It derailed my self-study plans. Although, the project was wrapped up in two weeks for the next two weeks I was just burnt out. I told myself to just put in five minutes and I’ll get back on the routine. Well, I couldn’t even put in the five minutes.

What do you do?

I let a month go by. Finally, I set the time aside to get back in slowly. I took a small step – and had to get back in the swing. It was not easy – but it is self-study after all. I adjusted my own internal clock, my own internal plan, to be done by a certain date and just pushed it back by a month.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 5.45.47 PM

Now I’m back. I just finished Workshop 5 (Decorators) and 6 (Type Hinting) and started the final course in the sophomore year of the MPD — Functional Python.

When life comes at you – let it – that in many ways is the beauty of self-study. We can adapt to it. We need not get back up right away after we’ve fallen. Take your time and when you’re ready remember why you started in the first place and get back up.

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