Sophomore Year

Having completed my sophomore year in my Python Master Degree self-study program it was time to decide if I was going to stick with going to the junior and senior year or jump ahead.


First off, the sophomore year was Intermediate Python. This covered a lot of topics beyond Basic Python and took me 24 days to complete. The program has a Junior Year of Flask and a Senior Year of Django.  Together these provide a Web Technologies Learning Path. Although this is something I am extremely interested in – I needed to remind myself that the reason I started learning Python in the first place was not for Web Development. The reason was to pursue Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning – basically Modern AI.


I found myself having to make a choice and I think it made sense to jump ahead to the Master Level of the program with the Algorithms & Data Structures (Master Year 1) and the Data Science Track (Master Year 2).

My thinking is that covering these topics now will prepare me for the Doctoral Level of the program which is the AI tier.

As I was doing the Algorithms and Data Structures track I did happen upon two great tools which I’ll like to share and tell you about now.

  1. – provides a web based Python IDE to build, run, host, and collaborate all in one place. They have more than Python – but Python is what I used it for.
  2. – get paired and practice white board interviewing on this platform for free.

While I’m at it there have been two books which I found helpful and I can recommend:

  1. Python Without Fear (Brian Overland) – a great beginners guide from the author of C++ without Fear.
  2. Daily Coding Problems (Alex Miller & Lawrence Wu) – over 80 white board interview questions across twenty-two categories. Take one a day like a vitamin.

I look forward to closing in on my 60th day – hard to believe its just been two months – and starting my Master Level 2 with Data Science.  That track is heavy with six SQL courses which is exciting.

Visit the PythonMasterDegree website for more and remember to listen and subscribe to the podcast as you continue your quest at any of these podcast platforms:

Keep slaying dragons!

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