CocoaHeads NYC July 2013

Michele Titolo was the speaker this month and spoke about how to “Master the Project File.” This was quite a treat as this was recently a CocoaConf session at CocoaConf San Jose in April of this year.  If you frequently hear yourself saying “Don’t touch the project file!”, “Who overrode my changes?” or “Where did my file go?” then this talk is for you. The project file is constantly put on a pedestal of things-you-do-not-mess-with, but is this much caution really warranted? Michele covers tips, tricks, and solutions to promote harmony between you and your project file.

CocoaHeads NYC May 2013

Ben Ragheb was the speaker at this month’s CocoaHeads NYC. Ben talked about two techniques he combined to implement a photo upload feature in his iOS app: (1) WebView/UIWebView JavaScript tricks, and (2) using Amazon Web Services. His approach allowed him to provide web-based functionality without investing prematurely in writing a full-blown web service.

This is my first CocoaHeads where I shot and edited the presentation.