Customer Service: 90’s Style

After a solid week of coding with a prototype phase and integrate phase cycle [prototype the feature in a new app and then integrate it into the larger app knocking off items of my to-do list] I thought a good break would be to get and build a new work table.  There was no other choice for me than the $99 Ikea Bjorkudden table.

First, I should say that this was a pleasure to build.  Second, it is a perfect size and is completely solid.  I would highly recommend the product.  Now it had been some time since I have been to an Ikea.  This was my first time at the Brooklyn Ikea as I previously used to go to the Long Island one.  But the Brooklyn location shaved probably an hour off the commute.  My rosy recollection of Ikea was one of awesomeness – and maybe in the 90’s this was the epitome of customer service.  But in the 10’s now with a decade of Apple Store and even Best Buy store experiences the bar has been raised exponentially and my nostalgic trip to Ikea quickly turned frustrating. Continue reading