Flatiron Day 04: I Git it now

Day four and I have given up my beloved SourceTree App Version Control GUI front-end.  For years, I thought, this was the Mac way to do this version control thing.  But after getting stuck in it the dive into the shell was the only way to go to learn to Git and now I totally Git it.

After an assessment app of making a Deck and Card App we dove into a Git Workflow review lecture to discuss the differences between how we use Git for Labs (as teams) and as Individuals in assessments and homeworks.

Then (finally) the majestic TableViews and their partners in crime the Navigation Controllers.

Using Git alongside Joe gave us a folow-along Walkthrough of building a List App with TableViews and Navigation Controls in the three step watch me do it, do it with me, now you do it on your own school.

Git init, add, status (just checking), and commit -m “I Git it now”

<UITableViewDataSource>, Storyboards, Cell Identifiers, numberOfRowsInSection, cellForReuseAtIndexPath are all clear now.

We even hooked up Sublime so we can work with something other than vim.

Then a quick team lab on updating the AboutMe with all this new stuff fresh in our brains.  This was our first ForstallForever project (awesome team name!).

Then for the rest of the night we coded the QuizMePro that added Deck & Cards, TableViews and Navigation Controllers to the original QuizMe App.


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