Flatiron Day 05: Unsticking

We started the day with a morning assessment of a “Table of Dates” App to get the juices flowing and review Table Views and Navigation Controllers from yesterday.

Then we dove right in to Core Data by first talking about what it is (and what it isn’t) to making our List App from yesterday, Senari, Core Data enabled.

Then we joined the Ruby class and had a guest lecture entitled “How to be stuck” on coping mechanisms to help you power through when you get stuck by Michael Hoffman.

How to be stuck (Michael Hoffman)

How to be stuck (Michael Hoffman)

After lunch we continued on Core Data until we took a two and a half hour End of Week Quiz with four sections covering everything we learned on AutoLayout, OOP, Views, and Git.

We then did a “Feeling Friday” session where we all spoke about how we felt after our first week.  Everyone was beat and overwhelmed but super excited about the course.

Then we wound down the week with a Friday After Flatiron Happy Hour.  Nine weeks left.

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