Fruity Crush Saga App Diary: Day 0

Basket full of fresh fruit

There are three things I see almost every woman on the subway every morning in New York doing:

  1. Holding a White iPhone 6 or 6S,
  2. Wearing a Canada Goose Parka,
  3. Playing some sort of candy-based match-three game.

I can’t make either an iPhone or a coat but I can make a game. My last game, Slappy Lock, was my first open source game. To complement my githubbing I thought I would keep an app diary for both my own organization and in the hopes that it helps anyone trying to reconstruct the code. 

My first step is always to think about what I want the feel of the game to be. As so many of these match-three are either numbers or candies I thought I would do healthy fruits in a flat style.

The zeroth day I fired up Xcode 7.2 and just created a new Swift 2 based Universal app using the Game template so as to have the SpriteKit based boilerplate code. Removing all the template extras from the AppDelegate, GameViewController, GameScene and that SpaceShip png. I added a poster to the Launch image and made sure the baseline compiled.

With new repo in hand I pushed the baseline into github as my initial commit. Tomorrow will be my art day.



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