Cocoa Programming on Ubuntu

After watching “The Internship” with Vince “You’re So Money” Vaughn and Owen “Lighting McQueen” Wilson I headed off to upgrade my ASUS Pentium lubuntu laptop by getting an Acer Aspire M i5 15″ and immediately installing Raring Ringtail lubuntu 13.04.

What a dream machine.  This thing can take anything I throw at it (Netflix, Steam, Dolphin GameCube/Wii Emulator) and networking on it is unexpectedly good – I read many had problems.  Its also sleek and a cool dark silver metal.

The best of all is you need not stop coding Cocoa because you like Ubuntu.

Here are four steps to take to do some Cocoa Programming on Linux while you are away from your Mac and Xcode. Continue reading

NSConference 5 Video Pack

Yesterday, I purchased the NSConference 5 Video Pack which are the 31 sessions of the NSConf held in Leichester last month.
At $150 this is not just a great way to support this conference but comes in at about $5 a session – quite a bargain.

On the first day I’ve already gone through the following seven sessions:

1. Scotty’s Whisky Opening Keynote (25 min) to set the tone
2. Alan Cannistraro’s Art of Shipping inspired by the Lessons of Steve (33 min)
3. Emily Toop’s Rise and Fall of a Mobile Start-up (22 min)
4. Maxim Zaks’ Don’t Do Agile, Be Agile (15 min Blitz Talk)
5. iOS Tools at Flipboard with none other than Evan Doll (48 mins)
6. Handling the Press with Chris Phin of the UK’s MacFormat and Tap! Magazines (27 mins)
7. Thriving in the App Store with Jury (1 hour and 6 mins)

These are a mix of technical, business, and philosophical.
With 24 more sessions I’ll need to pace myself and have this hold me over until WWDC.